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Hi everyone,
    It's nice to meet you (=

My name is Maayan, and I am a UX&UI designer and an illustrator.

Over the years I have designed mainly for social entrepreneurs, and organizations. At the same time, in my home, I was looking for a way to make useful things. My home felt like it had no distinct design and I tried using my knowledge of design - to create things for myself.

And so I began designing and thinking 'product'. Colorful illustrations and designs turned into a bath curtain decorated and laptops sleeves was covered with print. This exploration turned out to be a quest for better designs and user experience. 

What does a user want?

What are his needs?

I kept researching (and still searching) and learned ways to print non-commercially and helped others find unique printing solutions for their needs.

I have a B.A in Media Studies and Criminology and Know how to built Wix & WordPress Websites. I also have experience with programming languages such as: HTML, Css & JavaScript.

I'm available to chat and will gladly answer your questions.

If you want to talk to me, click here.

Maayan Kedem Graphic Design, Illustration & UX/UI

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