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Who Am I And What Will You find Here?

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you (=

My name is Maayan, and I am an illustrator and graphic designer. I live in Haifa with Nadav and our chubby dog ​​- Chili.

Over the years I have designed mainly for social entrepreneurs, and organizations. At the same time, in my home, I was looking for a way to make useful things. My home felt like it had no distinct design and I tried using my knowledge of design - to design things for myself.

Colorful illustrations and designs turned into a bath curtain decorated with my dog's face and laptops sleeves was covered with print. This quest turned out to be gifts design for loved ones, or for tips for others, not designers, who were looking to do it themselves.

I kept researching (and still researching) and learned ways to print non-commercially and helped others find unique printing solutions for their needs.

I have a B.A in Media Studies and Know how to built Wix & WordPress Websites and also in programming languages: HTML, CSS & JAVA SCRIPT.

I am nice, available to chat and will gladly answer your questions.

If you want to talk to me, it's here.

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